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How to Draw a Compass Rose (with pictures)
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A compass rose is useful for determining the directional positioning of a map. This page teaches you how to master the art of drawing one.
Check that you have the sufficient pen for the task. Everyone has their preferences. A fine tipped pen is recommended by experts.

Draw a circle on a map, using either your protractor or a compass. Of course, the compass you’re using is not a compass rose, but rather a tool for drawing circles.

Draw a line “north” of the center of the circle to the circle itself. You can find north on your map using another navigational tool as a reference, such as another map.

Mark a point on your circle that is 90 degrees clockwise from the intersection made between the line you made last and the circle. Connect that point to the center.

Repeat step 5 two more times.

Repeat step 5 all the way around, now marking points 45 degrees away. Skip over any points you already made.

Repeat step 5 again, marking points 22.5 degrees away.

Draw another circle that is smaller than your first, sharing the same center. For this step, you must use your compass.

Create Vs, using the intersection between the line at 0, 90, 180, and 270 degrees and the big circle as your vertices. The intersections created by the 45, 135, 225, and 315 degree lines and the smaller circle will be the endpoints.

Label their vertices North, East, West, and South.

Draw more Vs, this time using the intersections created by the 45, 135, 225, and 315 degree lines and the big circle as vertices. Use the intersections made by your first Vs and the lines with degrees including .5 as the endpoints.

Label their vertices Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, and Northwest.

Draw a circle in between the endpoints of your previously made Vs and the big circle.

Make the last Vs, now by using intersections between .5 lines and the outer circle as vertices. Use the intersections between your previously made Vs and the middle circles as endpoints.

Erase center lines so your compass rose looks like the diagram.

If you wish, color it in.

Tips and Warnings:

  • Practice drawing 'V's on a separate piece of paper so that you can successfully achieve the right shape and size of 'V' to suit you.
  • You can add as many "V"s to the side of the previous "V"s as it would look good.
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