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How to Say Most Common Words in Farsi
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Farsi, aka Persian, is the national language of Iran. Note that Iranians typically do not speak Arabic. Here are some of the most common words to get around with.
Try these common words to make your visit easier. Remember that phonetic sounds makes a language easier to learn. Pronounce these words phonetically.:

hello: Salam (sa-lam) or Salamalecom (sa-law-mal-eh-com)

I: man.

you: to (tow)(informal)(singular, slang)- shoma(formal singular,plural).

we: maa.

please: lotfan (lout-fan).

thank you: tashakor or merci or mamnoon.

good bye: Khoda-hafez.

where: Koja.

when: key(kei)(similar to pronounce the letter 'K').

Why: Chera

Going: Miri

Whats Wrong: Chi shod

Nothing: Hich chiz (Hichchi)

tourist: gardeshgar or tourist(tour-ist).

friend: doost ("oo" as in good)

money: pool

beautiful: ziba(zee-ba)/ Ghashang (pronouncing with Gh)

smart: bahoosh (baaa-whosh). or zerang

car: machine (ma-sheen)

color: rang

girl: dokhtar (dokh-tar)

boy: bache or pesar

dad: pedar

mom: maadar

want: meekham (mee-kham)

I don't know: Nemeedoonam (Nemi- Doonam) or nemifahmam

grandma: maman bozorg

good: khoob

lady: khanoom (kha-noom)

guy: Aagha (Âa-gha)

What: Chi?

Ok: Khob

bathroom: dastshoo'e (das-shoo-ee)

tree: derakht (de-rakht)

hospital: beemarestan (bimarestan)

cocacola : nooshaabeh/coka

fanta: nooshaabeh zard--narenji(this mean is also orange)

pizza: pit-za

sandwich : saandeh-vitch

water: aab

help: komak

hand: dast

foot: paa

sport: varzesh

city: shahr

country: keshvar

music: moosighi / moosic

book: ketaab

what time is it?: saa`at chande?

excuse me: bebakhshid

goodbye: khodaa hafez or khodaa negahdaar

see you later: ba`dan mibinamet

dont: nakon

how: chejoori or chetori

food: ghazaa

i love you: Aasheghetam (awsh-egh-ett-amm) or man toro doostet daram

thing: cheez

bed: takht (taa-kht)

couch: mobl (mow-bl)

laugh: khande (khaan-deh)

oh my: vay (a bit like why but with a V)

hair: moo

eye: cheshm

lips: lab

stomach: meydeh

soul: rooh

sweety: azizam (az -zi-zam)

my love: eshgheman (esh-ghe-man)

clothes: lebaas

play: baazi

shopping: kharid (khar-eed)


dog: sag

cat: gorbeh

fish: maahee

make up: arayesh

floor: zamin

talk: harf or sobat

black: siah


green: sabz

red: ghermez

blue: aabi (aw-bee)

pink:soorati (soor-atee)

yellow: zard

brown: ghahve-ee

picture: aks

Tips and Warnings:

  • Persian (Farsi) speakers use a lot of English terms for modern devices, like TV, radio, computer, modem, cable. The pronunciation is a bit different though.
  • Persian speakers love to hear a different accent, so go ahead and don't be shy. No one is going to laugh at you.
  • A variation of Farsi called Dari which is also spoken by Afghans, but there are major differences between the two
  • There is also a program that most local libraries have, which is a 2 part cassette series that is really helpful. I believe it is called Learning to Speak Casual Farsi.
  • Hope it helps you as much as it helped me.
  • If you speak another language, words with the letters "gh" (g and h together) will most likely be hard to pronounce.
  • Just like in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," watch out for people translating wrong on purpose. If suspicious, double check with another person before embarrassing yourself somewhere else.
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