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How to Make New Friends After Leaving Old Ones
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Leaving old friends is hard to do, but making new friends doesn't have to be.
"""Be friendly""" to the other students and act approachable, kind, and cool when starting off at a new school. Do not talk about your old friends. They will think that you are stuck in the past and do not want to make new friends.

Move into a new neighborhood and if they do not already welcome you, make it a point to knock on their door, and introduce yourself. Act like a nice neighbor and give them your phone number. You never know, they may invite to a BBQ over the summer. Also, going to the neighborhood park and sports activities can also make you known in the town.

If you skip a grade because you are so smart, when you arrive in your new classes, don't seem like a complete brainiac. Most students will feel almost offended that a younger student may be smarter than them. Never act like you are the best, and seem cool, laid-back, and like you should be in that grade.

If you try-out for a sports team and your friends do not make it but you do, don't rub it in their faces. Act like it means nothing and make sure you let them know that they should have made the team and that the coach made a bad choice. Don't tell the coach that they should have made the team though because he may bench you.

If you try-out for a sports team and your friends make it and you don't, say congratulations and make them feel appreciated. Have a good attitude and do not bad-mouth the coach because he did not want you on his team. If you know the coach personally, he did not have you not on the team because he doesn't like you. If this happens, just practice and make it next time there are try-outs.

Tips and Warnings:

  • Be kind, nice, approachable, cool and best of all; happy! Having a smile on your face a lot will make you seem like a great person to know. =]
  • Do not act like you are better than others.
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