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How to Enjoy the Last Month of Pregnancy
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That last nervewracking month is finally here! Here, you'll find out how to enjoy the last month of pregnancy... or at least get through it in one piece.
Try doing the things that you won't be able to do the next few months after the birth, such as: Baking or cooking, some light sports, or other light activities.

Have some friends over. Their company will be great help in a stressful time like that.

Adopt a pet. Cats especially, are very mellow animals. They will also be great for your baby. Interaction with animals will stimulate brain growth.

Have a baby shower. More support from friends, and just a fun time together without stress.

Tips and Warnings:

  • Keep reminding yourself that people have babies all the time. Always rewarding.
  • There will always be regrets, worries, and uncertian times. But you will get through it naturally.
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