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How to Use a Tatting Shuttle (with pictures)
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After you have read the basics for beginning tatting in Begin Tatting, it is helpful to learn step by step how to use a tatting shuttle to begin your tatting. It is assumed you have read Begin Tatting and that you have the appropriate materials to hand. Once you have mastered this easy how-to, you will be ready to proceed to Create Double Stitch in Tatting.

Things you'll need:

  • Tatting shuttle
  • Tatting thread
Grasp the free end of the thread in your left hand. Place the thread between the thumb and forefinger.

Spread the middle, ring and little fingers and encircle them with the thread.

Bring the thread around then make a circle and hold securely between the thumb and forefinger.

Bend the little finger to catch the thread against the palm.

Bend the middle finger back to catch the loose part of the circle.

Adjust the thread so that the fingers do not feel strained.

Unwind the shuttle with your right hand, so that the shuttle thread is about 12 inches / 30.5cm long.

Hold the shuttle so that the pointed end is facing the left hand and the thread is coming from the back of the bobbin.

Grasp the flat side between the thumb and forefinger in a horizontal position. Hold the other three fingers on a level with the forefinger.

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