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How to Crack Someone Else's Back
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What happens when we "crack our backs"? Current belief is that the "crack" noise is air bubbles within our joints being ruptured. This can happen when we apply forces to our spinal joints, but rarely has any benefit apart from mild, temporary relief brought on by endorphin release - our body's natural pain killers (among other things). Professional treatment (Chiro, Osteo, Physio) for misaligned vertebrae can rid you of this everyday need to manipulate your spine. What follows is a basic guide to spinal adjusting as taught to physical therapists.
Have the person whose back you're cracking sit with their back to you (you are standing)

Place a tightly rolled bath towel vertically on their spine, and stabilize it with your sternum. Bend your knees and keep your back straight. Tell the patient to 'give yourself a hug' - holding their own shoulders.

Reach in front of them to grab their elbows.

Pull back to take up shoulder tissue slack.

Translate them back, dropping to your back leg slightly

Lift quickly upwards, maintaining pressure

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