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How to Get Jheri Curls
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As I was doing my hair one morning I found a way to turn hair into a jheri curl with just some of my products that i use, so I'm going to share it with wikihow in an attempt to bring back the Jheri curl.

Things you'll need:

  • Texturizing cream, ex. S-curl
  • Instant curl activator, ex. Care free curl gold
  • Moisturizing spray, ex Motions Conditioning Spray.
Apply texturizing cream. You can buy this at many beauty supply stores. A reccomendation would be S-curl but you will need a large afro.

After the texturizing stage wait one day then wet your hair. Dry it in a towel and apply an instant curl activator, then finger comb your hair. A reccomendation would be care free curl gold.

Jheri curls were very very greasy so after you put the activator in spray a large amount of moisturizing spray all over your hair. Enough for it to be very greasy.

When you have a lot of spray in your hair, shake it around to get it deep in your hair. Then finger comb.

Tips and Warnings:

  • These products are sold at many retail shops. and they are not expensive.
  • your hair will be flammable. keep hair from open flame.
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