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How to Make Ballet Pointe Shoes
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Pointe shoes are expensive, so are the classes, this is how to make a pair of pointe shoes out of cardboard, fabric, tape, glue, and cotton balls! (only for decoration, WARNING: please only go en pointe in a purchased and properly fitted pair of pointe shoes after consistant and lengthy technical training)

Things you'll need:

  • 1 large square of cardboard
  • Elmers liquid glue
  • Cheap plastic bristled paintbrush
  • fabric (optional)
  • Cotton balls
Measure. Take your large square of cardboard and measure your foot, tracing would be best, cut this out, but make it a little boxy, cut your fabric too.If desired, take cotton balls and paste to the bottom and inside front of your shoe. Pointe shoes always have padding for the toes and feet.

Cut out sides and a tall flat front, just like on pointe shoes! Now, cut out a second bottom foot piece, but this time, cut out a large oval so that you can stick your foot in. Tape your slipper together. Now, take your fabric and glue on. This is how to, take a cheap paint brush, dip it in Elmers school glue and apply to the cardboard shoe, then stick fabric on.

Repeat. Now do the same with you second slipper! (Add a pretty tail to tie around your ankle if desired!)

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Maria Morgan
posted on Apr 17, 2014 12:31:20 pm
Is the pointe shoes real



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