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How to Make an Elastic Headband: 5 steps (with video)
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Elastic based headbands are flexible and useful for keeping hair in place and off your face. They can be made to suit your head size, alleviating the need for feeling pinched when wearing it, which can be a common problem with hard headbands that have been bought pre-made.

Things you'll need:

  • 16-25 inches ribbon
  • 4-5 inches of 1/4 inch or wider sewing elastic
  • Anti-fray solution
  • Needle and thread
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
Measure the head. In order to cut the right length of ribbon, measure your head with a measuring tape where the headband will be positioned.

Cut the ribbon two inches less than this measurement.

Prevent fraying before it begins. Once you cut the ribbon to the correct size, dab some anti fray solution onto the ends of the ribbon so it doesn't fray.

Stretch it. After you've let the anti fray solution dry on either end of the ribbon, connect one end of the ribbon with an end of the elastic.

With a needle and thread, make several stitches back and forth through the ribbon. If you're not great with a needle and thread, ask a relative or a tailor to do it for you. It would take them just a couple minutes and will probably do it for free.

Before doing the same to the other side, check the fit. If it's not snug on your head, trim the ribbon and/or the elastic to make it a little tighter.

Repeat the last step for the other side of the ribbon.


Tips and Warnings:

  • Experiment with different sizes of elastic and ribbon to see which you like most, or just to vary the styles you wear.
  • You can find anti fray solution at a sewing store or in the glue section of a craft store.
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