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How to Get Clothing on Club Penguin Without Being a Member
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When you're on Club Penguin you see a lot of penguins with clothing and disks and wigs. And you want some clothes too. But... you're not a member. Here's how to get cool clothes anyway.
Find the friendship wristband. To find it, go into the coffee shop, into the library. Click on the book "rock hopper and the stowaway" at the end of the book, click on the wristband, say yes, it will be added to your inventory to wear!

Go to Sensei. Try to get as many belts as you can to get close as a ninja by playing "card jitsu". Once you become a ninja, you get to wear any of the belts, and a mask! Not to let alone you will be able to go into the ninja secret hide out!

Take the tour job if you are over 40 days old. If you become a tour guide, you will get a hat. When you wear the hat with nothing else, click dance and you will get to give tours out.

Go to the Club Penguin parties, here is what you're going to get:

At the carnival, you can get a apron. Wear nothing but the apron, click dance, or wave, you can make ice cream!

At the Halloween party, you can get a pumpkin basket you can carry all year!

At the Easter party, if you can find all the eggs, you get a bunny hears hat!

At the battle for red team vs blue team, you can get red face paint, or blue face paint. Or both! You just cannot wear both. If you wear nothing but that color, if you are wearing blue face paint, click wave, you should hold up a sign, "GO BLUE!" If you are wearing red, "GO RED!"

At the music party, you can get a pear of headphones!

At the April fools, you can get a whirlybird hat. Wear nothing else but that hat, click dance, you'll be flying!

Tips and Warnings:

  • Don't go shouting you are a member because you are not.
  • Don't get banned on Club Penguin, you may lose some stuff.
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