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How to Attract Crows
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This is how to attract crows to your yard in a fast and friendly-to-the-environment way.
Take away any thing in your yard that might scare away the crows.

Make a type of food that will attract them or throw some bird food/corn kernels outside all over the place. Don't put any meat or dairy products outside, it could attract vultures. Make sure you put enough so that a lot can come over and flock.

If you want them to stay for awhile. When they have started pecking at their food replenish by scattering some more food.

If you don't want them to stay too long don't scatter too much food to begin with!

This should attract the birds. If it doesn't, try mixing bird seed with lard or bacon fat and spreading it outside.

Keep some water in small shallow open containers for the crows to drink from.

Tips and Warnings:

  • Cats and dogs will not allow the crows to come to your yard. If you have a pet cat or dog keep him/her inside the house when you do this.
  • A bird house might also be helpful.
  • Be careful and ensure your neighbors are okay with it.
  • Crows can make a lot of racket!!
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