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How to Act Like a Cute Baby on Club Penguin
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If you want to be a cute, adorable baby on Club Penguin here's how.

Things you'll need:

  • A Club Penguin account with or without a membership
  • Some thing cute to wear to look like a bay bee.(scarfs, reindeer antlers, bobbley things)
Dress extremely cute, because no one wants a baby with no clothes on! Good clothes to try are: the pink butterfly shirt, pink earmuffs, the Funster wig, ballerina dress, Twee's costume, fairy wings, the pink bunny ears, and the tennis dress (all for girls). Some good boy bay bee (baby will not show in a Club Penguin speech bubble) clothes are: the propeller cap, overalls, white tennis sneakers, star T-shirt

Say something adorable like "Has never ever had home and really wants one!" or "Is sweet little angel"

Talk like a baby. Hwi means hi, woo means you, wove woo means love you, wugz means hugs, muh mee, wammy, or mu mu means mummy, dah dee, dah dah or da means daddy.

Act cute, too! Say things likem, "Wugz teddy", "Chews wittle toesies", or "Sings cutely".

If some one wants you, they come up to you and say "Awwwww" or "I pick you cutie" Or "Puts in stroller" Or "I pick you!".

You can pick from tum tum, toddler, or bay bee.

A tum tum is where you will not even be born yet.

A toddler is some one who can crawl not walk and can talk like "hwi!" or "wello".

A bay bee is some one who cant crawl, talk, or walk yet. They just sit there like a regular bay bee.

Sometimes if you're a toddler, you can do some mischief around the igloo.

Muh mees call igloos iggys and dah dees call them igloos.

When you get to your new igloo, say things like "Wowwie!" or "Explores big igloo".

Make sure you do act like you said you do. If you said you were a little angel, act like one!

Some times when you see a igloo on the map and there are other bay bees in there say, "Me don't have a family pwease pick me!" or " I was dropped off here mam" Or just say "Pwease take me Pwease!"

Then if your mu mu logs off go find a new home! If both your mu mus come on at the same time, think, which one do you like better? It's better to go with the 1st one you had! (or whichever one was nicer)

Some times your mu mu or da might get a new baby and start acting like they like them better. To stop this, start crying and your parents will say, "What's wrong?" Say something like, "Woo like broder/sista better! It not fair!" Your parents should stop, and start treating you both equally. If this does not work, remind your parents that they are treating your sibling(s) better. If it continues, tell them you will run away if they don't stop, and if they still don't stop and act like they don't care, pack and run away. Why be treated unfairly? Get a new family at the pet shop. (You can report the mean parent(s) if you want, but they probably won't get banned.)

If your mu mu/da da leaves, go find a new family.

Tips and Warnings:

  • There are "baybee abusers" and "kidnapers" who "kidnap" you and take them to there iggy (Play along with the "kidnapers", and actualy go to there igloo and say "wet me go!" or "im telling my dah dee/muh mee or both!)
  • One good tip HAVE FUN!
  • Don't be annoying.
  • If you act cute and you keep saying "A goo goo!" or "Can't support wittle head!" and no one pays attention to you, don't start yelling cute things in exclamation marks. People will still ignore you. Don't keep acting as cute as you can to get noticed over and over again. People will think you are desperate to get picked. Don't keep saying, "A goo goo goo goo!" or "CAN'T SUPPORT WITTLE HEAD!" People will start to get the idea that you are annoying and they won't pick you.
  • Do not grow up and kill your family. You could get banned.
  • Do not be mean or do anything to hurt your parents' feelings. You could hurt the real persons' feelings and they may tell their REAL parents!
  • If your mu mu/ da comes on right when s/he adopts you, s/he might say gtg (gotta go) and delete you because he/she just wants to get you all worked up and excited because you got a home. Then, they will delete you so, show him/her who gets deleted 1st! (Just remember that they might delete you before they say gtg. If they delete you first, don't get too upset. Go to the pet shop and get another family.)
  • Being cute does not mean being rude and bratty. Be a nice baby, your parents will like you more and treat you nicer!
  • Some families are baby abusers, so be careful! If you get picked by a mean family that mistreats you, go back to the pet shop and find a new family.
  • Remember, if you like to be a tum tum baby or breastfeed, that's okay. But be careful, some mah mahs (mommies) on Club Penguin think it is wrong or perverted. If your mah mah tells you they do not like it or they tell you to stop, don't continue and don't pretend you'll die if you don't get "boo milky" or a "tum tum." Just be a normal baby for now, and you can find a new mah mah later who accepts this more. Also, try not to get your feelings hurt and cry if your mah mah says "Ewww" or "That's gross!" It may sound mean, but they are probably not trying to make you feel bad. Just remember, some people are offended by this behavior. (And be careful about what you say, you can get reported for sexual language.)
  • Being cute doesn't mean being snobby and rude. If a mah mah/ da da comes up to adopt you in the pet shop and they aren't rich, don't wiggle out of their arms or run away screaming and crying. It's very rude, and people will start to think you are snobby and annoying. Don't only go with mah mahs that will spoil you rotten and fall head-over-heels for you. Be nice and be someone's baby that could really use a lovable child.
  • Don't be rude to nonmembers. If a nonmember comes to adopt you, don't ignore them or say no. Don't run away screaming and crying. It's hurtful to nonmembers when they can't adopt any babies because they all act like snobby brats and run away. Say yes once and while! Sure, maybe they will have a small empty igloo, but you can always tell them to go to your igloo instead! And here's a little fact about nonmembers: they may not spoil you rotten with toys and elmos, but they will love you to pieces! Nonmembers are usually very nice and understanding, and they will take the time to listen to your feelings. (Remember, you used to be a nonmember too! Put yourself in their shoes and imagine how you would feel if you wanted a Club Penguin baby and you kept getting rejected!)
  • Never say "Wants rich blonde wammy with massive boo!" Not only is it perverted and shallow, you will get reported for sexual language and banned quickly. Besides, who really cares about hair color and how rich they are? It's a computer game! And since when do penguins have boobs? People will think you are a perverted sicko, so don't do it in the first place.
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posted on Oct 25, 2011 12:31:08 pm
Its Kind of fun doing this, but you dont want to do it every time you get on cp! Try to have fun doing other things. If you act like a moo mee or a bai bai to long your friends might think your odd. Remember dress cute, but dont brag about how rich you are!Say Somthing like" wants little princess that will always dove moo mee"



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posted on Jul 17, 2011 02:50:24 pm



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