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How to Perform the Tahajjud Prayer
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You have probably reached this page because you have read an article on how to become a stronger Muslim. Performing this special Tahajjud prayer will require you to have a short deep sleep before you even perform it, as the name of the prayer, which means wake up, suggests. This prayer can be done anytime between Isya' and Fajr. However, it is best done between midnight to Fajr. God willing, He will return you with good fortune and health.
Make sure that you have woken up from a sleep and also that you are now in a time between Ish'a and Fajr.

Perform wudu'. It is a ritual ablution before you pray or handle the Holy Quran.

Walk into a perfectly clean place. This step should be done because the names of God is pure. Thus we have to speak of His name in a clean place. Sit down on a prayer mat facing the Qiblah. It is the direction of the Holy Kaabah.

Erase all worldly worries from your heart. Make yourself calm. If you are having trouble over someone else, ignore it. Just think that nothing ever happened. Try to be in the state of awareness. Try to expel negative feeling or thought. Lightly close your eyes and bring your attention to the region of your heart.

Perform the voluntary prayer. The Tahajjud prayer is encouraged to be performed but it is not obligatory. Make sure you have read the article on how to Perform Solat or the Islamic Prayer first before you try to understand the procedures given below. It is a set of two cycles of prayer. You can repeat doing the two cycles of prayer as many as you want for there is no limit.

Make niyyah.

Usalli sunnatal tahajjud rak'ataini lillahi ta'ala
"I shall perform a Tahajjud prayer containing two cycles of prayer for You."

After reciting the Al-Fatihah for each first cycles, recite a surah named Al-Kafirun.

After reciting the Al-Fatihah for each second cycles, recite a surah named Al-Ikhlas.

During sudjood for each second cycle of prayer, recite this three times.

Rabbi adkhilnii mudkhala sidqiwwa akhrijnii mukhraja sidqi waj'allii minladunka sultaanan nasiiraa.
"O God, have me enter from the door of truth, and also have me exit from the door of truth too, and provide me with assitance from you."

Ask from God, after you have completed the set of two cycles of prayer, good health and fortune for you are a benevolent individual. God willing, He will grant your wishes.

Tips and Warnings:

  • Please ask a Muslim that you know to guide you with the pronunciation.
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