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How to Do a Butterfly Kick
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A butterfly kick is a kick commonly used in Wushu. This kick is the beginning kick for more difficult moves like the log roll, or log roll splits.
Figure out your directions.

Face the way you want to go. The left and right walls we will be referring to are the ones you are looking at right now. Now turn around and face the wall behind you. This will be your starting direction.

Now facing the back wall sit in a low bow stance (right leg in front). {I hope you know what this is because it is the most basic thing of all.} NOW COMES THE TRICKY PART.

First lets get your foot work straight. At this time your chest is facing the back wall. Now NOT moving your left leg step with your right leg 180 degrees. until your whole body faces the left wall.

Now let your left drop low behind you so you go back into the SAME bowstance as before. At the same time let your chest start dropping. Bending your knees let your chest and head do a U shape. (More like the mouth on a smiley.) Do this as if you were ducking some sort of pole but want to keep moving.

At this point your head should be coming up, and weight should have switched to your left foot and you are facing the front wall. At this time arch [U] your back and at the same time pull your right leg behind you. (you can practise this by just standing there, crouch then arch your back and kicking your right leg behind you at the same time). Even doing this you should have some momentum.

Now you should be in the air kick your left leg up after your right leg has reached the peak and has started to descend. Still having your back arched. RELAX and Don't worried about getting hurt!

Your feet will naturally come back under you. so just land.

If this is your first time practising this get some one to spot you... STEPS 1-3 are the motions you need for acceleration.

Tips and Warnings:

  • Don't let your muscles other then your back and your legs tense.
  • Kick your right leg as high as you can. (keep your legs straight) other wise you'll just look... funny.
  • Dip your head down and swing up really hard.
  • Your body should be in a U - shape right before you take off.
  • You can get injured doing this kick.
  • Stretch very well before doing this kick.
  • Have some one qualified help spot you the first time you do this.
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