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How to Carve a Watermelon into a Tiki Mask (with pictures)
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Summertime is when outdoor parties turn into themes of many places and times. Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or just have friends over to have an Polynesian Luau. Put out the pole lamps, for atmosphere, and add a Tiki Mask to your table, to set the mood. Add assorted melons, grapes and other cut up fruits depending on your taste.

Things you'll need:

  • paring knife
  • pencil
  • spoon
  • melon baller
  • oblong melon
  • toothpick
Use an oblong watermelon, slice ΒΌ inch off an end to provide a stable base. Choose a pencil to draw the face, making adjustments in scale to your particular watermelon.

Scoop out the nostrils using a melon baller - use a small paring knife to clean up edges.

Cut out the inside mouth area with a paring knife, leaving room for the teeth. Make the individual teeth, using the same small paring knife, then dig out a large area of flesh for the mouth cavity with a spoon.

Carve out the eyes, digging a deep cavity in each, for drama. Use a channel knife to carve details.

Take some of the carved out pieces to cut a "bone" decoration for top of head, and attach with a toothpick.

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