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How to Video Bypass / Hack for the Infiniti G37
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How To Watch Videos on your Infiniti G37 Screen without the parking brake enabled.
Take off the AT shift knob you will need to grab and push down on the silver ring.

Next you’ll see and a clip, you want to pull back as the way the arrow is shown.

Next tape up along both side on the console like how i did in the picture this was done to avoid any scratch or damage to the surface when im removing the units. Now stick your finger into the shift boot and try to pull up the console.

This is to show you where the clip is located on both side

Now located these 2 bolts and unscrew them.

Next pull the unit outward and downward alittle and it’ll come out.

Now you want to unclip the 3 plug except for the one in the red circle because when i tried to unclip it that thing is super hard to come off so dont take any risk by trying to take it off.

Next located these 2 bolts and unscrew them.

Now stick your hand in there and pull out the central air vents/control unit.

This what both unit will look like off the dash.

Next located these 2 bolts and unscrew them.

Now with both hand slowly pull the monitor out and unclip the plug in the back.

This what look like with everything off except for the radio/cd unit still attach.

Next to take off the radio/cd until you will need to loacte these 2 bolts and unscrew them.

Now look at the back of the unit and you’ll see all these plugs. You want to unplug the one i cicle in red.

This is how the plug should looks like with all these color wiring. If your harness wires match with mind then cut these 2 wire i circle in red. One is light blue (parking brake) and the other is light gray (VSS).

Now connect a wire to the light blue wire coming out of the plug. Remember to tape up the tip of all the other wires that you have cutted.

Now put back the radio/cd unit in place and screw in the 2 bolts. This is where im going to mount my ground.

Next you want to reinstall the monitor then screw in the 2 bolts and attach the ground wire to either side.

Then reverse the step and put back all the pieces and remember to re-clip them plugs back in.

Now do the test. I plugged in my dvd player and put the shifter back to P(park) released the e-brake and started the car. Switch to AUX and BINGO

See how the brake light is not on while the dvd is playing.

Tips and Warnings:

  • DO NOT START THE ENGINE. Without your foot on the brake push the start button once. This will turn on the ac power for the car. Next apply the ebrake all the way to the floor then step your foot on the brake and move your shifter to D(drive) positon. (just a reminder dont release the e-brake untill you have putted the shift back into P(park) positon)
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